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Travel Vietnam by train, cheap way for your holiday

Simple procedures, easy sightseeing, cheap fares... are the advantages when choosing a train to travel in Vietnam. Traveling by train is the choice of many international visitors who like to experience and enjoy the holiday in a slow pace. The Reunification Express train Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City as one of the rail journeys with the most beautiful scenery in Asia, especially the Hue - Da Nang route through Lang Co Bay. Beside the limited travel time, traveling by train has certain advantages.
Travel Vietnam by train, cheap way for your holiday

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Simple procedures
If you are tired of waiting for check-in when traveling by plane or are afraid of losing your time to go round and round to catch passengers if traveling by public bus, the train is the right choice for you. Traveling by train, you just need to arrive 15-20 minutes before departure and comfortably wait until the train runs, without checking in your luggage.
train Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City

Accordingly, you just need to book tickets on the website or through a booking agent and receive the e-tickets by email. You can also buy tickets directly at the station, through the ticketing booth, the tickets will be printed right away. To get on the train, you just need to show your ticket or QR code and ID card and then find the right train car, your seat/berth and lie down, you are assured of reaching your destination.

Besides, there is no limit to the luggage you carry like when traveling by plane. However, passengers are always encouraged to bring light luggage to avoid forgetting things and convenient when leaving the train.

Easy to enjoy the view through the window
At the same point of departure and arrival, although the train will have to travel a longer distance than the plane, in return, passengers are free to admire the change of scenery from one area to another. During the train journey along the North-South railway, passengers will have many surprises with the wonderful and poetic images of the country right from the window. At the same time, passengers can easily move around on the carriages to admire the scenery and take pictures through the train's windows.
enjoy the view through train window

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Feel free to use smart devices
A plus point when traveling by train is that you can comfortably use your phone, laptop, use 3G, Wi-Fi... For young people, taking pictures while traveling is something not to be missed. If traveling by train, you will be free to use your phone and camera to take pictures/record scenes along the way without causing interference like when traveling by plane.
taking pictures on train

Cost savings
Many people spend months or even years to "hunt" for cheap air fares, but if you choose the train, you may not lose so much effort. Train fares are considered to be cheaper than other means of transport, stable and not often increase.
Vietnam Railway

In the summers, Vietnam Railway Company offers up to 40% discount on fares. Passengers who buy tickets 20 days or more before departure for Thong Nhat trains SE3/4, SE7/8 (Saigon - Hanoi) with distances over 900 km and SE21/22 trains (Saigon - Da Nang) with a distance of over 600 km, will have 20-40% discount on fares.

For the trains between Saigon - Quy Nhon with a distance of more than 400 km, for SNT1/2 trains (Saigon - Nha Trang) with a distance of over 300 km, passengers who buy tickets 20 days or more before departure will have up to 20-30% discount on fares. Particularly for the SPT1/2 train (Saigon - Phan Thiet), passengers who buy tickets 10 days or more before the departure date will receive a 10% discount on the fare.

Passengers who buy tickets for groups of 5 or more people will get a discount of up to 14% of the fares; round-trip tickets up to 10% off.

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