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How to keep the cost down on your trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is emerging as one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. In general traveling Vietnam is cheaper than other countries such as Thailand or China, anyway before going to Vietnam you must consider your budget about what things to do, where to visit, how much to bring... So that to save money when traveling Vietnam is very important. Here I will share with you some cost-saving experiences when traveling in Vietnam.
How to keep the cost down on your trip to Vietnam

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Cheap travel
A flight from Hanoi to Danang or Hue to Ho Chi Minh city costs aprox 100 USD. Undoubtedly, the airfares is the most expensive part of your trip to Vietnam. To save money on this you need to choose two types of transportation: cheap flight and cheap road transport.
Cheap travel Vietnam

The airlines in Vietnam sometimes launch surprisingly cheap airfares, saving more than half the cost of regular fares. This is also the way preferred by young travelers. But this way also has disadvantages:
- Cheap air tickets are not always available, you will have to depend on the date of travel to buy this fare.
- Because it is cheap, the quality of service as well as flight delays often occurs.
- You need to bring your luggage as neatly as possible because if you have excess, you will have to pay an additional check-in fee.

Public buses, trains
It is one of the most popular ways when travelling in Vietnam. The advantage of this type is that it is safe and healthy. You just need to buy a ticket, get on the bus, take a nap and get there. If you are on a long trip with tight budget but have a lot of time, it is also very beautiful to go by train or bus to admire the scenery on the road.

If you are confident in the handlebars, health, and comfort in terms of time, motorbike is the cheapest means of traveling in the not too far destinations. For instance when you are traveling to Vung Tau, the price of a car going to Vung Tau is about 15 USD for 2 ways, if you ride a motorbike, it only costs you about 4 USD for petrol both ways, it should be even cheaper if you go with another person.

In addition, riding a motorbike also has many advantages such as taking the initiative in time, just ride it when you like, if you are tired, then stop to admire the scenery a bit. So if you are confident in your driving ability, health and traveling skills, you can choose this type of vehicle as the most economical.

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Cheap stay in Vietnam
Cheap stay
The cost of accommodation is also needed to be considered when traveling in Vietnam, this also gives you a lot of headaches about where to stay cheap, how much it costs and then decide whether to go or not.

If you want to save money, the most important thing is stay away from luxury hotels. You should determine that you come to Vietnam to explore, not to stay in a hotel, so a luxury hotel is not necessary. Just a small hotel but clean, safe, the decoration doesn't need to be very nice, the room doesn't need to have a good view to be a little cheaper. From my experience the location must be in the centre area and convenient to travel around, it saves a lot of money as you can just walk instead of catching taxis...

In addition to cheap hotels, homestays with dormitories will cost you only a few dollars. There are many online tools to help you check prices conveniently without having to contact the hotels yourself.

Cheap eat in Vietnam
Cheap eat
Eating is the fastest way to discover the local culture and people, but if you don't know how to eat and the prices there, it's easy to waste money.

Make a list of must-try dishes
When going to any place, you should find out what food that place is famous for. This you can easily find on social media sites specializing in travel. If you have a lot of money you can try all the delicious dishes, but if you are on a tight budget, you only need to try the most typical dishes. Before eating, you can check the popular, delicious and cheap places .

Find a free local guide
Make friends with a local through travel groups, backpacking groups, etc. It is not difficult for you to find a friend with similar interests living in the city you are going to. In Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city there are many students working voluntarily as tour guides for free, what they want from you is to learn English from foreign travelers, they are willing to accompany you, acting as a guide for free, they will also know the cheap local restaurants that are delicious, only the locals know. Don't be afraid to make friend with them, you will be willing to help people from other countries to your place, right?

Some tips to save money when you travel Vietnam
Some tips to save money when you travel Vietnam
- Find tourist attractions for free
In some cities, there are free tourist attractions, it is not necessary to go to expensive tourist places.
- Bring your student card: Some tourist attractions in Vietnam offer student discounts, so if you're still a student, take advantage of this privilege.
- Ask about the promotion program: It may be a bit awkward at first, but get used to ways of asking for discounts like renting a hotel to get a cheaper price.
- Set a spending limit: Before each trip, you should learn carefully about the costs and prices at the place you go to and set a moderate cost for food and travel.
- Traveling in low season: In Vietnam May to September is low season for international visitors, and you should go this time. During peak times such as holidays, Tet or weekends, the price is very high, almost double, so going at this time is very expensive. You should go on weekdays for reasonable prices, in addition, tourists at this time are not crowded, so you are more comfortable to explore.
- Go in groups: Going in groups easily helps each other as well as you can share the cost of accommodation, meals, and transport.

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